Sunday, February 3, 2008

Style Some-thingstreet: Bourke St Mall (Pt. 2)

There were so many well dressed individuals, we had to split the pics into two posts! Enjoy.

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Friday, February 1, 2008

Issue #3. Do some-thing: Hey! Listen to's Cornelius!

Our first music review folks! We wanted to publish some-thing that was unconventionally swinging. So we thought what could be better than the experimental vibes which have been described as: 'shibuya kei', 'indietronica' and 'art rock'?

His name is Keigo Oyamada and his band is Cornelius. Born in Tokyo, Japan this 38 year old producer, musician and vocalist is a one man act (simply because he can do it all himself.) Keigo has been making music since 1993, after dropping out of a band called Flipper's Guitar to go solo. Since then he has released ten albums, two of which are remix albums by Cornelius and two are made by other artists remixing his tracks.

His musical style is not one you can put your finger on, but his compositions will remind you of artists such as: Beck, The Beatles, The Jesus and The Mary Chain and even The Beach Boys. All of which Keigo describes are just a few of the influences for his music. As broad as that mixture may sound, Keigo manages to extract a layer from each artist and mix it together into his own unique tunes. Add in some random pops, drops and smooth harmonious vocals and you have Cornelius.

Try out the film clip to our favorite single 'Drop':

Sit in awe over the graphics in 'Fit Song':

Or checkout the discography on his website

And if you didn't already catch on, Cornelius is named after a character from The Planet of The Apes. Think that is wierd? Keigo named his son Milo after the chimpanzee scientist, Dr. Milo from the movie too. Read more on this article...

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