Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Issue #3. Stylesome-thing: In, Out or Bi? ...Season we mean.

With Autumn hot on our heels and the days getting shorter (we have noticed) it is time to take a look at what will be coming in, going out and hanging around next season.

The overseas designers have already exposed their Spring/Summer 08 collections, and are preparing for the upcoming Fall/Winter 09 shows, so to predict what is going to come into our Autumn/Winter may seem a little old for you fashion fanatics. We will still however, take a peek at what is going to be hot overseas while we are rugging up for Winter, and how it will affect our fashion next season.


-High waisted A-line/circle skirts. For the life of us we still cannot find this item! It has sprinkled into some rare boutiques but we expect it to take the stage come Autumn. It is already out overseas and we think would become a major trend amongst Melbournian's.
-Sheer. This was one of the key trends for Spring 08 (which hasn't fully hit stores overseas yet) and we can expect to see this trend working into our Autumn/Winter trends too despite the seasonal difference. It will also work its way into our next spring, as the fashion season dictates. You would think that since the overseas fashion shows come out just in time for our season, that we would be in time with the overseas fashion clock. But no, we have to wait for our next season and feel some what out of the loop.
-Body Hugging Dresses. The fashion behavior instinctively has turned to a tighter body image, as a natural response against those loose and baggy smock style dresses that have infested the last two seasons. Expect to see your waists, hips and butts, and those body stocking undergarments fly off the shelf.
-Fringing. This is going to be a main event for overseas Autumn/Winter 09. Yet, it is already making its way down into our trend, with leather fringing on shoes and off jackets. We don't really dig it, and we don't think many Melbournian's will embrace, but nevertheless it is a key style that makes up the next incoming season.
-Frills and Flutes. We think this is the better choice of 'trims'. Frills will be seen on floaty feminine blouses and as an accent on dresses.
-Hippie. We saw Sportsgirl revive the 70's this season, now it is turning back the clock a few years back to the late 60's psycadelica. Not to be mistaken for the early 60's mod trends that brought in the shift dress. This is floaty, frilly and funky.
-The other side of hippie is indie-rock. But not the Pete Doherty rough rocker kind. Think tailored indie with a classy french touch. It is more understated and chic.
-Sheer black stockings or grey opaque tights.
-Cool Emerald Green and a deep purple/blue will be the main colors that break up the dark Winter palette.


-Vests and Waistcoats. We are over them, and Melbournian's sure did exhaust their 'Kate Moss cool' factor this season.
- Babydoll, Trapeze, Shift, Smock dresses. You name it. If it is loose and hangs, it is out. way out.
- Boho.
-High waisted jeans.
-black opaque tights.
-metallic leggings and metallic sparkley fabrics. thank god.


-High waisted Shorts. Some may still come into Autumn and Winter except in tweed or silk, and in a dressier style than the casual denim shorts seen around Summer. This trend has influenced the high waisted A-line skirts that will come in next season.
-Leather Jackets. I would like to disagree and say they are on their way out...but during the current Fall season overseas the leather bomber/jacket was worn by everyone. And it was predicted as a key trend. Which means that for us it already has been allocated a spot in your local department store.
-Shirts/Masculine. The masculine look plays a bigger role in winter as the kind of clothing that depicts a masculine edge is better exemplified through the cooler season. We saw the oversized dress shirt in Summer (which worked well) but this look will evolved into a more tailored masculine trend for next season.
-Retro feel. We were waiting for it to be over, but Sportsgirl somehow always decides to bring it back- this time with more patterned prints. You might also expect to see the opposite of the masculine shirt in this category, with a more feminine blouse that is looser, lighter, has retro prints and patterns and flows freely.
-Grey. It always will come back for winter.

However, if the economy decides to shit itself (as it has been showing signs as of late) we might find our fashion trends slip into the cheaper category. And what is cheaper to buy? Hippie, indie-rock, retro clothing. Sheer and leather would fall out as would most expensive fabrics. Shirts could also become a staple for their cheap, durable and fashionable wear.

Another thing to keep in mind is that what we are predicting is the street trends that might influence Melbourne fashion. This does not necessarily mean that it is what you would find in our designer Winter collections, as most of us cant afford such items. The main trends that come about are the ones that are versatile, moderately priced (or can be knocked off) and are also influenced by social/cultural/economical factors. These factors often create trends that are in no way influenced or seen on the catwalks, and are born out of necessity, climate, etc, with the above mentioned. That is what makes street fashion so unique, and individual to each city.

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