Thursday, January 31, 2008

Issue #3. See some-thing: Union Lane. (Vol. 1)

We have lived in this city all our lives yet it has taken a good 21 years to discover what free galleries Melbourne’s laneways are hiding. This is part 1 of our art expedition. Welcome to Union Lane.

Nestled in between David Jones and Just Jeans, connecting Bourke St Mall to Little Collins, is a little laneway called Union Lane. The towering buildings that have created this pathway block much of the light that can shine in and highlight its walls. Most of the time this lane is in perpetual shadow, so it is easy to overlook the entrance or find it uninviting.

We chose to run through one day to escape the madness of the city shoppers. About halfway in we realised what was surrounding us. Bright, colorful, crazy patterns of graffiti and street artwork sprayed over every spare inch of the brick walls that face each other. It doesn't contain much of your usual ghetto style, tag-team, hip hop typography-but a kaleidescope of cartoons, stencils, characters and creatures. We managed to snap just a few of our favorite parts so you can get an idea of what's on the walls.

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SuperS said...

Melbourne's street art is top notch
= )

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