Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Issue #3. Learn some-thing: You CAN Teach an Old Dog New Tricks.

You might be too old to do it professionally, but it is a hell of a lot of fun acting like you do. The Centre for Adult Education (CAE) is possibly the only place that treats your desires seriously without forgetting the fun. And most courses are accredited too!

Everyone has a secret, alter ego that wishes to be satisfied. It can be anything from wanting to take the stage as a rock star or professional dancer, to posing as a bohemian painter or writer. For the most part, we are too old to start or feel we lack the talent (besides having a full time career) to even consider entertaining such pipe dreams. We here at some-thing else are proof that you can still get up and grab that special hobby by the horns and give it all you've got.

We recently dipped our toes in a profession that we knew we had no chance of ever realistically fulfilling. The pun was intended, because we pranced our way into a course for ballet through the CAE. There is a massive, massive shortage of adult classes (ballet in particular) available at a total beginners level. We searched, and phoned almost all dance studios, teachers and schools and were all told that, 'you must of had some previous experience in ballet in order to take the beginners class'. It felt like a club that we could never ever have any dream of getting into (pun also intended). As we were about to lose hope and spirit that our dancing dream would be just that, a pamphlet from the CAE arrived in our letterbox and we found that it held classes for total beginners in ballet.

Naturally we are too old to do ballet, but we all assumed we would be too young for the classes. We had envisaged the CAE classes to be filled with 40 some-thing mums, or 60 some-things bored with their free time and pension. Most of all we thought that the classes weren't going to be taken seriously. When we arrived, we were all surprised as to how mixed the students were, of all ages and backgrounds. The teachers are welcoming and strike the perfect balance between approaching you in a professional manner, whilst keeping the ambiance casual and chatty. You can go to a class and act like you are a prima ballerina for one hour and you wouldn't be seen as an idiot.

This is just the perfect example of how any class operates at the CAE. So if dancing is not your cup-o-tea, you have your pick of over a 100 different courses in almost any discipline to tap into. And if you aren't willing to commit yourself to a full term of classes, there are one-off day tours and classes which run over only a few weeks. All courses commence after work hours so you have pretty much little to no excuse not to try one out.

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